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Born in South Shields In Tyne And Wear, Barbour has became the choice clothing brand for winter clothing, in particular their signature quilted jackets and infamous waxed-cotton jackets.

Wednesday, 31st October, 2018

Men’s Fashion Tips – Winter Coat & Jacket Buying Guide

Wearing My Canada Goose Jacket - The Perfect Coat For Winter This Year


Brrr it’s getting cold in ‘ere! Winter is here, or coming, depending on where in the world you live and when you’re reading this post 😉 One way or another you’ll be experiencing the depths of winter sometime soon, so you’ll need a winter coat or jacket to get you through a few horrible months of the miserable British winter weather.

Buying a good winter coat is not only important for the first year you purchase it, but it can become a good investment piece, lasting a good few winters before you need to splash out and buy another.

With that said, investing in a good jacket is not only worth it because you’ll be getting much better quality which will be noticeable when you wear it, as well as it lasting longer than a cheap and cheerful coat.

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Monday, 30th November, 2015

A Barbour Quilted Jacket For Winter – Worth It?



I have had my quilted Barbour jacket for a number of years now, and while I do like it, it has got me thinking, is it the best jacket for Winter? If you’re thinking about a jacket or coat for this Winter, I have answered some of the questions which you may have on the Barbour quilted jacket, and my thoughts on where it should fit in with your wardrobe this year.

What is a Barbour Quilted Jacket?

First of all let’s talk about what it is. You’ll instantly know one when you see one, as they have a diamond pattern with exposed stitching, usually the same colour as the jacket to keep in tone with the style. These form pockets which are then filled like a quilt, usually with polyester, to different degrees depending on the jacket style and brand. The more filling the heavier and bulkier the jacket, however the upside is that they’ll obviously be warmer.

Barbour Chelsea Polar Quilt

Let’s talk about my Barbour. It’s the Chelsea Polar Quilt, and it is really nice. It’s 100% polyamide which stacks up OK in a drizzle or light rain, the fit is nice, it’s lined with fleece and has a lot of nice premium style touches like leather trim on the sleeves and quality feeling zips on the pockets, zip opening and press stud buttons. It cost £150, which I think is a reasonable cost for a jacket these days, and it has served me well for a number of years, and continues to look good.


What It’s Good For

If you’re looking for a smarter jacket which will work in the Winter then it will do for that. I have worn this on nights out, and because it’s black, sleek and inoffensive, it does the job well. It is versatile and you can wear it with anything, black is the perfect colour to get this jacket in. It also works fine in the Autumn and mild Winter conditions as a casual or everyday jacket, as long as those temperatures don’t fall too low.

Are Barbour Jackets Warm?

Let’s talk about the bad. It is not warm enough for sub zero temperatures, or heavy rain. If you’re looking to buy a jacket which will stack up against harsh weather and keep you feeling warm, this is not the one. The quilting is fair, but it’s not filled enough to deal with really cold weather. The fleece lining is adequate, but it doesn’t give you that luxurious feeling which some fleece lined jackets do. It does not do well in heavy rain, wind or harsh Winter weather which we may (or may not) see.


If you’re looking to only buy one Winter coat this year then this may not be the one to go for, and I would personally choose a parka. The ultimate goal of a Winter jacket is to keep you warm and dry in the harshest of seasons, and although this jacket will keep doing that to certain temperatures, it would not be a number one choice. It’s the perfect Winter jacket when you’re looking for something smarter, or if you are buying this as a lighter, second jacket. For more info and tips, check out my Winter coat guide for this season, which features this Barbour as well as other quilted jackets, parkas and everything you need to stay warm this winter! 🙂


Friday, 9th October, 2015

Friday Fashion – Men’s Style Edit No.8


It’s the end of the week which means one thing, more men’s fashion advice in the Fashion Friday roundup. We’re getting colder days and longer nights, so keeping warm and layering up is starting to become a priority. Check out this week’s picks:

Converse Baseball Jacket – £120 – here

Cheap Monday T Shirt – £20 – here

Mango Suede Jacket – £120 – here

Barbour Steve McQueen Jacket – £229 – here

Hugo Boss Zip Top – £129 – here

Hugo Boss Knit – £119 – here

Tommy Hilfiger Shirt – £85 – here

Superdry Jumper – £60 – here

First up is this Converse bomber jacket. I love the contrasting body and sleeve colour, and the black works well with the dark grey. It’s light, but there’s enough padding to keep you warm throughout the Autumn.

Just because it’s getting cooler doesn’t mean you can’t add a tee to your wardrobe. This Cheap Monday tee is new and cool, complete with the Cheap Monday wording to the front, layer it with a shirt and jacket for warm Autumn style.

Suede jackets are always big for Autumn, and Mango Man do a few really nice jackets, which are reasonably priced. This one comes in a few colours, I’ve selected it in black. It has two flap pockets on either side of the jacket, with a zip-opening. With quilted panels on the shoulders and a bomber length, it’s a good choice for this season and for years to come.

Barbour wax jackets are iconic, and I love the Steve McQueen jackets. This one is new in at House Of Fraser, and is a timeless classic.

For the milder days and nights this light sweatshirt jacket from Hugo Boss will do the trick. It’s the Zkyler from the BOSS Orange line and is made from soft sweatshirt cotton material, in a light grey colour with mottled effect. It comes complete with kangaroo pouch pockets and is a regular fit.

I love pull-overs when it gets a bit colder, you can smarten up a look with a V-neck knit and a good shirt, so a solid sweater is always a good thing to own. This Hugo Boss sweater fits the bill, it’s available in a large number of colours, I’ve picked the classic black colour. It’s slim fit, and made from fine merino wool, so will feel as good as it looks.

If you want to go for a smart-casual look a patterned shirt will work well, whether you layer it up or wear it with a suede or leather jacket. When it gets colder you can layer it with a sweater or cardigan, dressing it up slightly but keeping a bit of that laid back look. I really like the colours of this Tommy Hilfiger shirt, the ‘Ryan’ regular fit shirt.

Last up is this jumper from Superdry. We all need a cosy, chunky knit, and this one looks to be exactly that. A cable knit jumper, in a classic cream colour, or ‘Porridge’ as the guys over at Superdry are calling it. It’s a crew neck which means you don’t have to worry too much about what you’ve got under it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Fashion Friday 🙂 As always, you can see last week’s here, and don’t forget to send me your tips on Twitter at @Michael84Blog 🙂

Wednesday, 11th September, 2013

Back To School Fashion Tips 2013 – Knits, Cardigans & Jumpers

Back to school and it’s autumn. One of my favourite things to buy and wear these days are knits. Whether it be cardigans, pull overs, chunky knits, jumpers or whatever, I really do love them and like to mix them up with shirts, tees and jackets.

One of the great things about them are the amount of different colours and styles which are available. A lightweight knit along with a shirt will transform your look into something really casual to something very smart and preppy.


  • Armani Jeans wool crewneck – £165
  • Thomas Pink V-Neck 100% merino wool – £89
  • Gant V-Neck 100% lambswool – £85


  • Ted Baker Cardigan – £89
  • Barbour Knit – £100
  • Selected Homme – £45


  • He By Mango V-Neck Knit – £45.99
  • John Smedley Cardigan – £80
  • Joules V-Neck Knit – £45

Round Neck/Crew Neck Collar

These are perfect to buy if you want to wear a t-shirt underneath, or even nothing under your jumper. They can always be worn with a shirt under, but you will not expose much of the shirt, usually only the top part of the collar so if you are looking to layer this may not be the choice of knit to wear.

V-Neck and Cardigans

V-Necks are obviously opened at the neck, which means you really need to wear something under it. This is where a great shirt can make the outfit. Making sure the colours of the jumper and shirt go together is the key to creating a really great look. Don’t be afraid to wear a patterned shirt if it suits the knit well. Contemporary Checks and strips can go well with a plainer looking knit. The same can be said for cardigans, as they are very versatile you can wear them open or buttoned down, make sure your shirt suits the colours of the cardigan well.

Mix up your colours

The autumn brings out the dark nights, but your fashion does not need to follow this trend. Most brands and labels have a huge colour palette when it comes to knits, which can brighten up your wardrobe. Get yourself something neutral such as a black, blue or grey knit, these are real staples and can be worn with the vast majority of things you’ll already have in your wardrobe. But don’t be afraid to go to town on the colours, going bolder with reds, yellows, greens and even pink.

Monday, 29th October, 2012

Men’s Fashion Tips: Winter Coats For 2012

Winter is here, and even though I hate the cold and the dark nights, the good thing about the winter is you can get out your favourite warm jumper and really mix up your look with layers and combinations of knits, scarves, jackets, shirts and more. One thing you will need this winter is a coat. We have already had a few really cold ones, and as the days go by it’s only going to get colder.

My little collection of winter wear is above. I got a Barbour last year, and the year before that I got a down filled Adrian Hammond coat in white which is warm and waterproof, a really nice jacket. It’s warm, but it would not do the harshest of weather well, but lucky for me I got a Canada Goose too 🙂

I always talk about it being one of the best things I have bought, and I really think it is. It’s toasty warm, and the quality of the jacket is obvious once you are wearing it. I would recommend anyone who needs a jacket to give these a look, however at upwards of £500 they are very expensive.

Fear not, here are a small collection of jackets which I have found online for this winter season.

If you are looking for a smart, understated jacket then a quilted jacket may suit you well. I have my Barbour which I think is great, and I have worn it for day to day as well as a smart but warm jacket for a night out. Barbour are probably the most notable of the brands which do these styles of jackets, but others including Armani and Reiss as well as a lot of other brands do them.

These are best used if you are going to be out in the cold for short periods of time. If you are doing a really long walk to or from work in the freezing cold they may not be enough, and you may need something a bit more rugged…

These Parkas button all the way to the top and feature faux fur hoods. They are very rugged and most offer lots of pockets and many are double fastened with zips and buttons. One of the bigger names in this style of jacket is The North Face, who do jackets for various prices, but can go up to around the £300 mark. The other premium brands above are Ralph Lauren and Ted Baker.

There are of course other styles available. At the moment I am also really liking a duffle, and there are padded “puffa” jackets which are nice this season.

The first jacket is a double breasted wool jacket from Mango. This will be a warm jacket but bear in mind that this is wool, so will not be as good in the rain as a polyester type. The navy padded jacket is also from Mango, with the last jacket being a really nice duffle from Ted Baker. It’s a very luxurious jacket and it’s simple style is contemporary and understated.

Tuesday, 15th November, 2011

My Barbour: Chelsea Polar Quilt


Finally bought, and finally on my blog, my Barbour jacket! 😀

When I went to look at the jackets I was going to go for the Powell jacket in black, it was the one I wanted and liked. Unfortunately they did not have it in a Medium, and after trying on the large and a medium of a couple of other style Barbours, I wanted to get the medium.

The one I went for was the Chelsea Polar Quilt. Like the Powell it has a fleece lining which was one of the things I wanted to go for, this is a jacket I will wear mostly in the winter and want it to be warm as well as stylish, so this was perfect for me. It is really smart, simple and sleek with no big logos or patches, the other thing I was looking for as I will be wearing this as a smart but warm jacket for a night out.

The main difference I could tell from this to the Powell was the outer shell. This one has a more cotton feel rather than a silky polyester feel, but it still feels very nice. It has some extra little touches too, such as the suede collar and cuff detailing, which is a nice finish.

I did not know that Barbour was from South Shields when I was gonna buy one, which makes it even cooler, since I am supporting the North East, where I am from 😀

The Barbour Chelsea Quilt cost £150 and I got it from Fenwicks. Is it worth it? Last year everyone was buying a Barbour, it looks like this winter is no different.

More pics….

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