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Friday, 12th April, 2013

ASOS Mid Season Sale: Tees & Denim – Michael84 Edit

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The ASOS mid season sale is in full swing, so I decided to showcase a few things which I have found there which I think are pretty nice, pretty cheap, or both :mrgreen:

I love dip dye at the moment, as you will know from my posts here and here I found this denim shirt in their sale for only £24.

“All blogs post the same stuff” a nice printed tee, being a blogger I had to pick this. £15 and it’s by American Apparel.

“We were making love by Wednesday” t-shirt from Se7en. I have the Friday t-shirt from them and I like it, it’s worth £9.

Bright yet subtle asymmetric horizontal striped tee from ASOS. A great basic t-shirt for your wardrobe to add a bit of colour to a look. £8 is a good deal.

As for the denim, I have gone for some colour with the dark red jeans by Monkee Jeans, £36.

If you are looking for premium denim then you can get this PRPS in selvedge denim for £110 with a nice faded effect.

More premium denim in the form of Nudie Jeans, slight distressed and faded style in Italian organic cotton. £64.50

Finally add some green to your Spring look for only £20 with these jeans from Selected. The pastel colour will add some dimension to your wardrobe without being too bright and in your face.


Friday, 22nd February, 2013

Men’s Fashion Trends: Dip Dye & Tie Dye For Summer 2013

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It’s not the 60s any more, but the colour from back in the day are back for Spring Summer 2013 in the form of tie dye and dip dye fashion. A few months ago I brought you the dip dye Billionaire Boys Club jeans, they look amazing and are something distinctive and different. If you want something a little different to the standard dark and light denim, they are definitely the thing to get.

Bright coluors have been the key to recent fashion trends, we have seen the Top Man Generations showcasing bright oranges, Hugo by BOSS and light pastal colours in it’s Spring 2013 campaign and others.

I really love the dip dye, and the effect it produces. When it’s done right and done with great colours, it gives amazing results with looks that will turn heads. If you are looking to add something dynamic to your wardrobe this would make a great addition.

  1. Red & white dip dye t-shirt by Worn By, with printed pattern throughout the tee. £32 at ASOS
  2. Blues to white dip dye t-shirt from United Colours Of Benetton. £23
  3. Blues and white dip dye jumper from Gant. This is such a beautiful piece, probably my favourite from this little selection. £100
  4. Dip Dye hoodie by ASOS. Blue to green colour, not the greatest colours to blend, but does not look too bad. £28
  5. Indigo tie dye shirt from TopMan. Oversized fit, £34
  6. Hype tie dye socks. Yes! Even socks have got the tie dye treatment. Hype logo from TopMan. £10/pair
  7. Billionaire Boys Club dip dye denim. Look amazing and be different with these. £215 each


Tuesday, 8th January, 2013

ASOS Purchases Unboxing



I made an order on ASOS yesterday and have quite a few purchases, the box was quite big! 😀 I have not taken any pics of my fashion picks, there is not much light so I will take pictures of the things tomorrow (horrible dark winter days!).

But I can tell you I got a few t-shirts which I like, and I decided to get some (a lot!) of coloured denim for the spring/summer, so I got a few different pair and a few colours from Cheap Monday, DR Denim and River Island.


The worst thing happened! The most expensive item, my lovely premium PRPS jeans do not fit! 🙁 I own a pair size 31″ and these are 30. They fit on the waist fine, but they are so short! My 31’s are a decent length, but these 30’s are just unwearable in regards to the length. They even came rolled up at the bottom, they were like shorts! :mrgreen:

PRPS need to do what the likes of Evisu and True Religion do, which is to only make jeans with a long length, and then they can be cut by the customer to their exact liking 🙂

Monday, 3rd December, 2012

Christmas Jumpers For Men Tips This Festive Season

It’s not something which can be worn all year round, but it’s something which you should have one of in your wardrobe, I am talking about the traditional Christmas jumper.

For a while they had been seen as some sort of novelty and a joke, an unwanted gift from your nana, but really they are just something fun to wear for the festive period. For this winter trend, I have done a round up from some of the online stores retailing some really nice and traditional knits and jumpers.

Christmas Jumper Guide

UPDATE Check out The Best Christmas Jumpers for 2016 here.

UPDATE – Check out The Best Christmas Jumpers 2015 for men here.

Check out the best Christmas Jumpers for 2014, packed with the best festive and novelty Christmas Jumpers and knits.


  • Green snowflake jumper by ASOS – £30
  • White and Red Xmas jumper – £38
  • Red and cream knit – £30

From TopMan

  • Navy Reindeer Jumper – £38
  • Red/White Stag Jumper – £38
  • Burgundy Wolves Jumper – £30

Urban Outfitters

  • Navy Fair Isle Sweater – £60
  • Pattern Vintage Renewal Christmas Sweater – £55
  • Grey Fair Isle Sweater – £60

From Next

Next Christmas Jumpers – £25 each. Featuring Christmas Pudding, Tree, Snowman and Reindeer.

From River Island


  • Reindeer Jumper – £38
  • Blue multi graphic Knit – £38
  • Cream/Navy Knit – £38

 From Very

  • Gant Reindeer Jumper – £135
  • Goodsouls Reindeer all over print Jumper – £30
  • Goodsouls Reindeer Jumper – £30

 From House Of Fraser


  • Gant snowflake Jumper – £100
  • J. Lindeberg navy Knit – £92
  • Tommy Hilfiger Knit – £76
Thursday, 13th October, 2011

Fashionable Purchases Today

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Yesterday I ordered some things from ASOS and they have come today 🙂 Take a look at what I have; Lots of jeans, a knit top and even some ties! 😛

A pair of True Religion jeans with some very distinct stitching. I love these, and have been looking at getting them for a while, and finally got round to it. “Billy Super T” jeans from True Religion.


V Neck Knit from Junk De Luxe. I have blogged about this before, so finally bought it. It is of good quality, just as I expect from Junk De Luxe. I need some semi-smart knits for day-to-day and work etc.

Pepe Jeans. I have never bought this brand, they are famous and iconic of course and go way back, but I never found many retailers who stock them. I found these and like the wash, something a little different, they are a nice loose fit.

Cheap Monday, could be my favourite high street brand which I have never actually seen on the high street! 😛 These are a little more raw than what I usually go for, the wash is much lighter than I usually get too; But I wanted some variation in my jeans, so picked these up 🙂


My second pair of True Religion Jeans for today 😛 These are super smart black “GONO” jeans, so comfortable. I love True Religion, they are premium, but you can tell where your extra money goes.


Finally two ties…Ties?! I am not much of a tie person, but I have a few smart (plain) shirts now and thought these would go well with them if I want to smarten things up; They are skinny fashionable ties as you can see. Silver and purple.

So there you go! 🙂 I am happy with my purchases, everything fits and I love all of em, no need to send anything back for once 😛 I probably won’t need any more new jeans for a while either 😉

Friday, 25th February, 2011

ASOS Order: Snood, Tees, Jeans And Boxers

So I said yesterday that I had ordered from ASOS. I took a pic of the bag but it was too dark to take pics of the things I got. The light wasnt much better today, but I took some pics, here is what I got…

Pink Diesel T Shirt for the summer

Cheap Monday Skinny jeans in black.

Bjorn Borg Boxer Shorts In Red

Emporio Armani Boxer Shorts in Blue

Emporio Armani Printed design Boxer Shorts

Canada Goose Snood. I LOVE IT!! 😀

I also got another Cheap Monday T Shirt. It was really long in length when I tried it on. I didnt know it was like this, it was far too baggy, so I have sent it back. Not my style, but it did look good on the website.

Too Long…..Back it goes 🙁

The snood is my favourite item I got. I also love the boxers of course, another 3 pair to add to the collection 😛 The skinny jeans are good aswell, something different for my wardrobe, and another colour rather than Indigo :mrgreen:

Tuesday, 27th July, 2010

Scarves, Cardigans Jumpers and T Shirts


Hello blog readers!

I have been so busy lately so i havent been able to show you some of the things i got…I got these last week, some things which i love, and one which i sent back. I got 2 snoods, a cardigan, a jumper, a t shirt and a silk scarf for the summer. Here are the things:

The thing i love the most which i got. Its a light blue cardigan by All Saints. I love this brand, its a cool high street brand. Its a very nice, fine cardigan, maybe a little on the long side, but i like that in some ways.

Blue jumper from Gabacci. I think this will look good with a shirt underneath, its probably more of a winter look but might aswell of got this in, i hardly ever buy jumpers or sweatshirts.

A polo shirt from Gabacci. I never bought anything from this brand before, these 2 things were the first 2 i have bought. I like the look of this top, its a polo with buttons all the way down, and it has the look of a shirt but since its a polo its far more comfortable. It is quite small fitting.

2 Snoods from ASOS are definatly for the winter. These were on sale so i got them while i could. I got a black one last year which i like, i think having a red one will be a good contrast with other clothing and look good.

A silk scarf from Simon Carter. This is more of a summer scarf, an accessory rather than a real “scarf” if you know what i mean. I will probably wear it with a more plain shirt to give it more of a look. I’m not sure how i will tie it, or if i will have it loose, i guess it will depend on how i want to look at the time 🙂

This is a 3/4 length sleeve Vilain cardigan. It was combed cotton which i did not like, and also the neck made me look like a doctor or something. I wish i took a pic but i didnt, it looked stupid. I have sent this back now. Its a shame because i wanted to get a white cardigan for the summer, i am getting into more lighter colours this year.

Thursday, 20th May, 2010

My CK Boxers, Bjorn Borg Boxers and Sonicare

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Hello Blog 🙂

How are you? Today is sooo good! Loads of Sunshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine (Liam Gallagher voice) :mrgreen:

I blogged yesterday about getting some things from ASOS and Amazon, and if you read my blog you might of got some hints 😉

Well I needed a new toothbrush, so here is my brand new Sonicare! Also i am the “boxershorts boy” so i got a few more pairs, here’s the stuff…

My new Sonicare toothbrush. Its a better one than before, its their top of the range one, Flexcare, which is supposed to give a guaranteed whiter smile within 2 weeks. Sonicare are the best i think, my last one was really good, and i know a few people with them who like them. It comes with 2 heads, the standard one which is 10% bigger, and a precision one. It has a UV sanitizing station for the heads to keep them free of germs which also charges it, and it has a dedicated charger aswell. Also comes with a carry pouch. The toothbrush has a few settings, you can set it to the usual cleaning routines, and a massage, which you can tell is different, its softer on your teeth.

Also got 3 new pairs of Boxer Shorts aswell. I already have the Spain Calvin Klein X ones, and another pink pair of the X series, they feel really good. Now i have the Swedish ones 🙂

Also got 2 pair of the new Bjorn Borg boxers. Black ones because i love black, and really light blue/cyan aswell.

I do love my boxer shorts, as you probably already know, since i blog about them lots and have loads of pairs. I havent got any fragrances for a while, maybe that should be next? 😉

Friday, 30th April, 2010

ASOS VS Topman: Baseball Jackets

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So i now have 2 baseball jackets, one from ASOS, one from Topman. But which is better, and what are the differences. The ASOS one is Blue, and the Topman one is Red and Blue.


They both cost the same amount, £40, so this is a fair comparison. The ASOS jacket is far nicer material, both are 100% cotton, but the ASOS one feels thicker and still light, whereas the Topman one feels very rough and ridgid, very hard, and its not good. The inside also feels of less quality, almost like a polyester feel, it really does feel like a cheaper jacket.

The sizing is also different. The ASOS medium is a nice fit, whereas the Topman one is tighter, and not a good fit. I have a medium Topman T Shirt which fits nicely, this jacket does not.

The colours and design of the Topman baseball jacket is nice, and i like it, therefore i will keep it. Its not bad enough to send back, and there is no alternative to buy from a different brand or i would.

Something else which may be worth a mention is where they were made. The ASOS jacket was made in Turkey, where lots of better quality clothing comes from (as opposed to further east) and the Topman one is from…You guessed it, China! This is strange since the Topman T Shirt i have was made in Turkey.

So my opinion is the ASOS one is better quality, and if they did a better selection of colours i would have bought another one of them instead of the Topman one.