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All Saints Spitalfields is a British fashion retailer, designing and selling menswear and womenswear. High street fashion, All Saints is home to a range of graphic prints, denim and accessories, usually with muted toned down pallettes.

Monday, 26th June, 2017

Men’s Summer Fashion Tips – Sweat Shorts [UPDATED 2017]



Sweatpants have been thought of for a long time as super casual, and of course they can be worn for a laid back and chilled out style. However more recently we’ve seen a resurgence in sport luxe fashion, with higher end menswear brands showcasing their take on the trends, with casual tops and bottoms including more stylish, better cut sweat pants and joggers. From that comes the summer trend of sweat shorts, and it’s something I really like and have embraced.

You may remember I got a few pair of sweat shorts from H&M a short while ago, and I really like them. At only £8 a pair you can’t go wrong, and they are good quality with a really nice fit. The summer season is here, and other fashion labels and brands have an array of sweat shorts ready for you to buy, in a range of colours and styles.

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Monday, 12th June, 2017

Men’s Denim Jacket Style Guide & Tips

Men's Denim Jacket Guide For Summer

My Denim Jackets: All Saints In Grey | !Solid In Rust | Cheap Monday In Black

One trend I really love for Summer, and for Spring and even Autumn for that matter is the denim jacket. When thinking about denim jackets, it’s definitely more of a warm weather item of clothing, which means it’s time to put away the overcoats and Winter Coats, and pair up some of your warm weather wardrobe with this jacket style when it gets a bit chilly, or when you just want to style up an outfit.

It can be a bit of a trend for some, especially something like double denim which is a look which has a love/hate tag to it, but there’s a few things you can do to avoid this kind of look, or embrace it if that’s your thing. I’m going to talk about everything to do with jean jackets, from how to style them to what to wear with them, including footwear and other clothing.

Are you ready? Let’s Go!

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Monday, 26th September, 2016

Suede Jackets For Autumn – This Season’s Trend


As you’ll have read in my Spring Suede Jackets guide, I love a good soft leather jacket. They’re not only perfect for Spring, but they’re a great style of jacket to wear in the Autumn too. As you’ll know, suede is a type of leather which has a napped finish, with lamb and goat most commonly used, with calf and even deer also being used. The jackets are usually pretty tough and thick, which means wearing one of these in the Autumn is a really good go to piece, with a lot of styles and colours now available. The enemy of suede is rain and water, although you can get suede protectors which will do a good job if you get caught out in the rain.

As with every piece of clothing, there’s plenty of choice at all different price-points. Typically with leather jackets, a genuine suede jacket will start at around £100, and from there goes upwards to whatever your wallet can afford! Grab a high street label such as Mango or Topman for under £150, premium high street brands such as Reiss or Ted Baker will come in at £200 – £400, and luxury and designer brands like Burberry and Tom Ford will run into the thousands.

A suede jacket can be looked at as a good investment, and should last you plenty of Autumn and mild Winters to come, providing you look after it well enough. They’re timeless, so you don’t have to worry about them going out of style, one to your wardrobe or expanding it with a different colour or style is something to consider.

Here’s over 30 of the best suede jackets for this season, from the high street and luxury brands, there’s something for everyone’s budget.

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Friday, 1st March, 2013

All Saints Spring 2013 Look: Michael84 Edit



The All Saints Spring 2013 collection is available in store and online now, so I decided to pick out a few things which I think are great pieces from this collection.

Heaven Oversized Crew T-Shirt – Crew neck single jersey 100% cotton shirt with nice print to the front. A lightweight and soft tee great for the summer. Also available in vintage black. £38

Sodium Cigarette Jeans – Available in an array of colours, I have picked the grey wash for a lighter look. They are slim fit with 3d creasing to give them some dimension. £85

Gravel Belt – A thick, hand-stitched understated leather belt. Seen here in blush, but also comes in vintage lemon and ink. £40

Trap Shoe – Heavily washed with wrinkles to give a very worn and distressed look. Some contrasting colour stitching really sets off the shoe well. Comes in slate grey as I have chosen, as well as Chocolate and washed black. £125

Total for all items – £288

You can shop this outfit or create your own style from All Saints, there new lines are on their site here.


Friday, 7th September, 2012

Fashion’s Night Out 2012 – All Saints


All Saints had another amazing looking party for Fashion’s Night Out 2012 in London last night. Check out the pictures below (via All Saints). Celebrities include Olympic Superheroes Greg Rutherford and Louis Smith.

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Wednesday, 4th July, 2012

All Saints Knits – July 2012


Here are some knits from All Saints. They include a fine knit jumper, double breasted cardigan, colour blocked cardigan and a knitted style cardigan.

Alpine crew neck knitted style cardigan – £42.50

Double breasted cardigan in midnight marl – £47.50

Fine knit jumper – £35

Colour block cardigan – £40

All items are currently available at All Saints


Thursday, 1st March, 2012

Just Bought: All Saints Jacket & MR KG Kurt Geiger Shoes

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Hello blog!

Today I have bought a couple of things, a new jacket and new pair of shoes.

The jacket I picked up was from the All Saints store in Newcastle, and was the powder denim one which I blogged about before. It’s really nice, lightweight and short, really great for the summer and nights out. They had just got it in the store, it was not even on the shop floor, someone had to get it from the back, so I may be the first one to buy it from the Newcastle store 😉

I also got some shoes, I HATE buying shoes which I have mentioned before, I dunno why I just do! 😛 I found a couple of pair, tried a few on and bought these MR KG by Kurt Geiger ones from Fenwick Newcastle. I had the poor girl running all over getting me different ones in different sizes, I am a 9 in these MR KG shoes, my previous (Base London) shoes are a 10. The sales girl was amazing and helpful and I ended up getting this pair which I like.

All Saints powder grey denim jacket. – £95

MR KG Kurt Geiger Shoes – £55 (from Fenwick)

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Thursday, 23rd February, 2012

Grey Washed Denim Jackets For Spring 2012

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I have found a few denim jackets for this spring. I like denim jackets, they are rugged and add a bit of vintage feel but can still be soft and nice to wear. The biggest problem I have with them is that if you wear jeans and you wear a “jean jacket”, then it can look like you are wearing some sort of denim tracksuit.

I have found some denim jackets that will work well with dark colour denim, and they look really good.


I really like these 2 jackets. Both give a washed out vintage style of look. They can be worn with almost any colour denim and will contrast well.

The first jacket is by All Saints and is the “powder denim jacket” in washed grey. This is a slim fitting jacket and comes cabbage-rolled for added vintage effect. £95 at All Saints.

The second is a jacket from Nudie Jeans and is the Nudie Terry Sunbleach Wash Denim Jacket. Slightly darker than the All Saints jacket, this one features soft denim and is a regular fit. This one is a little more expensive at £120.

Chunky buttons come with both of these jackets which I love, giving them that added extra premium feel.