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Adidas is the iconic sportswear brand from Germany. Although mainly starting and continuing as a sportswear brand, they are now seen as fashionable streetwear with the Adidas Originals sub label, and have collaborated with fashion industry designers such as Yohji Yamamoto (Y3) and Jeremy Scott. Here you'll find my favourite fashion pieces from Adidas, new designs, collections and style tips for Adidas.

Wednesday, 6th May, 2015

Adidas Originals For Spring 2015 – Michael 84 Edit



Adidas Originals have some really cool pieces out for this Spring/Summer, they have got the warmer months of 2015 off to a great start with a selection of printed tees, vest tops and shorts. I have selected a couple of my favourites, which include:

Adidas Clouds vest – Made from breathable 100% polyester mesh with the trefoil printed in black. It’s yours for only £30, a must have for this summer

Palm Trees – A really cool design for the summer, it’s an all over printed vest top made from breathable mesh too, and it’s also £30

Tie Dye Tank – The tie dye tank top is white with blue and red design, it has the Adidas logo to the front with the number 3. Made from single jersey cotton in a regular fit, it runs at £22.

The grey shorts come in regular fit and are made from cotton and terry polyester which will be soft to touch, and side pockets. These come in at £37.

The Palm swim shorts are perfect to go with the palm trees tank top and are 100% polyester with an all over print and side pockets. They cost £33.

Last up in the shorts are the tie-dye pair to go with the same vest top, they are made with French terry to keep them really soft and are yours for £37.

Getting something from Adidas Originals this season looks to be a must, with so many cool street wear options they are perfect for the Spring and Summer this year.

Tuesday, 30th September, 2014

What’s New At ASOS – 30th September: Michael 84 Edit

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whats new at ASOS - 30th September 2014

We’re well into Autumn now, but despite that it’s actually been a very mild one, and if the weather people are to be believed (and we know they’re not) it’s been one of the driest “Since records began” (Their favourite phrase). There’s no need for me to get my Canada Goose out just let, but it may be time to start thinking about layering, or at least getting a couple of new pieces to keep me warm. I had a look at some of the new pieces on offer at ASOS, and here’s five of the best.

Buffalo check was a big thing last autumn, it started out with girls, and moved over to us guys which I like. If you want to get in on the trend earlier this season, then you can pick up a long sleeve Buffalo Check shirt from New Look. For under £20 it’s a shirt which you can wear on a night out, button up or layer with a basic white tee.

If you’re into layering then the dark space dye T-Shirt from Selected could be a good fit, the fabric is soft to touch, and the dye of the shirt gives it a bit more dimension than a standard solid colour. For street wear lovers, You can’t go wrong with something from Adidas Originals, this white colour shirt features the Adidas Originals “The Brand With Three Stripes” print to the front.

If you’re looking for a winter coat, this bomber jacket from Danish brand Minimum should be considered. Black in colour it will stay stylish and keep you warm for winters to come. A faux fur hood is complimented with clever zip and button double fastening, which hides the zipper keeping you looking smart. It’s £150.

For a smart but warm night out a leather jacket is a sound investment, but they can be expensive. ASOS have this bomber length, brown leather jacket from their in house collection, and is a real leather jacket for only £125. It’s stylish with a funnel neck and ribbed shoulder detailing. It comes with button and zip up options, as well as front pockets, and side slanted pockets.

All are available from ASOS right now.


Monday, 7th July, 2014

Street Wear Baseball Tees & Basketball Tops By Adidas Originals


Adidas Original Baseball Jerseys

I really love street wear, and the cross over from sports clothing making it into the mainstream fashion world with a bit of an urban edge. For 3 or 4 years Baseball jerseys and T-shirts have been incorporated into fashion and peoples wardrobes, as well as American basketball style vest tops and shirts. Adidas Originals have produced these, which I really love.

The baseball jerseys above really cool. The black is the Brooklyn Nets and has a number 67 and large NETS printed on the base of the shirt. The White is the New York Nicks and has a 46 number printed with NICKS in large text at the base on the back. Both keep a plain, simplistic look to the front, with the Adidas Originals crest on the breast, and stitch piping in contrasting colour which gives the shirts dimension. The shirts have the baseball Y collar, and are finished with a button up style. At £45 each, they are a good price.

Adidas Originals Oversize Jersey

The black T-shirt is 100% jersey cotton featuring the iconic Adidas symbol on the front, in an urban camo style of print, and  Brooklyn printed to the front. The reverse has NETS printed at the base, with the number 67. This T-shirt is £30.

The white shirt on the right is one I am really interested in. 3 stripes on the arms, V-neck, Brooklyn print on front & NICKS on the back with number 67. This T-shirt is oversized, and is made from a polyester mesh giving it an added sporty feel, and it will do you well in the summer or if you’re heading abroad on holiday. This will set you back £30.

All are available now from Adidas.

Monday, 24th February, 2014

Adidas Original x Retro International Football Shirts



The World Cup is coming in the Summer, and most teams have a brand new kit for the big occasion in Brazil, but what if you like the old skool retro style of a footy shirt? Adidas Original have released some classic shirts, inspired from the past vintage years of football.

If you’re a fan of footy and are of an age when you remember the old fashioned cotton shirts rather than polyester, you might like these. There are eight different countries represented, which are: England, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, France, Italy, Argentina and Spain. Each top features some original style, from the Adidas Originals badge which they all feature, to some piece of individuality. The Germany shirt features a lace up front placket, and the France top has the Fleu de lys badge.

I love retro fashion, and I love football, so it’s a match made in heaven for me. I love this kind of style because it is timeless, you can wear an out of date football shirt like this without being out of date, and don’t need to follow the crowd with the latest football shirt of your team and fit in with the crowd.

These are on sale now for £40 a piece, at Adidas.


Wednesday, 5th February, 2014

This Week’s Favourites At Adidas


this week at Adidas


Adidas, and more specifically Adidas Originals is a brand I love. Whether it’s training gear with adidas, or street style and old school fashion with the Originals label, it’s really great stuff. This week I have picked out a few of my favourites.

The football languages t shirt is a cool printed top if you like football. With football written in 7 languages, football itself is a language, you can talk to anyone around the world about it and everyone knows the beautiful game.

There are several techfit t shirts from Adidas too, and they now do more graphic, and bright ones. I have owned a few, they are great to wear as undergarments to do training or to go running, and they feel great on the body when moving. I’ve included three here, and I think my favourite of the three has to be the “Push Shred Burn” slogan techfit. They are not as good as the powerweb tops, however those are twice the price, and not available in the same designs.

The Explicit Freshness top is a graphic inspired from the Parental Advisory graphic you find on music CDs. It’s a great take on this famous logo.

The Lineage top is a classic Adidas Originals top, sleek and simple with adidas print and the three stripes down the sleeves.

All are available online or in your nearest Adidas store 🙂

Wednesday, 13th November, 2013

Official: Spain 2014 Home Kit For The World Cup Unveiled



I posted a little teaser this morning, but now Adidas and La Seleccion De Española have officially unveiled the new home kit which will be worn in next summers World Cup in Brazil. For 2014 Spain have gone for an all gold badge and trimmings, said to represent the recent “golden times” of the Spanish national team. It’s also the first (or at least first in recent times) where the official kit is all red; Red shirt, shorts and socks, with Spain usually going for blue shorts. The design uses pin striping with a dark red, and comes complete with the World Cup Winners badge.

As for the goalkeeper shirts, Casillas, Reina and Valdes will be wearing all blue, with the shirt being a mix of light and dark blue, blue shorts and blue halved coloured socks. There are updated tracksuits and track jackets too, with Valdes (below) wearing the new look all red with gold detailing.

There’s no official word on the away kits yet, but some are suggesting that it will be black with bright yellow or gold details.

What do you think of the new home kit, the style of the shirt and the all red design?





spain14-wide spain2014-shirt-valdes

Wednesday, 13th November, 2013

Spain 2014 / Adidas Shirt Unveiling Later




I have already seen a leaked photo, but tomorrow is the official Adidas launch of the new Spain shirt for 2014. The 2014 Spain shirt will be worn at the World Cup in Brazil. I love this promo photo they have created, they are really making quite a big deal over this launch, which is not always the done thing when it comes to national team kits.

There will likely be a new away kit too, and I have also seen a hint of the new goalkeeper shirt which Iker Casillas will be wearing.

First impressions of the leaked shirt – I am not a huge fan, but it’s only been bad images I have seen. I will let you in on something (if the leak is anything to go by), the shirt looks to be a very dark red.

Saturday, 10th August, 2013

RUN D.M.C x Adidas Originals




No it’s not the 80s again, but it is an iconic collab that you may of missed the first time round. RUN DMC and Adidas Originals have turned back the years and combined music and fashion once again to bring you this remix and reworked collaboration between the pair.

Sweats, tees and of course the most iconic piece, the trainers, are all available in 2013 to bring hip hop and streetwear from the 80s to now.




  • Adidas RunDMC Trainers £90
  • Sweatshirts and sweatpants, £65 each
  • T Shirts, £30 each
  • Hoodies, £75 each

All are available now from Adidas and selected retailers.

Saturday, 10th November, 2012

Spain 2013 Home Shirt For Confederations Cup


images via RFEF

Yesterday the RFEF announced and unveiled the new Spain shirt which Iniesta and co. will be wearing next summer in Brazil at the Confederations Cup 2013.

The shirt design has history behind it, and sports a yellow V design which is very prominent to the front of the shirt. The World Cup Winners badge returns, which was also present on the 2011 shirts which were worn in friendlies and Euro 2012 qualifiers.

What do you think?

I am actually not a fan of this shirt, in fact my first impression is that I don’t like it at all. I really don’t like the yellow V, but maybe I just need to adjust and get used to it.

This is the second time Spain have entered the Confederations Cup, and they also released a new shirt for it the last time in 2009, which I have.

I think this one was an OK design, and I got used to it. But I like the plain red shirts which they have had, with little detailing here and there like the 2010, 2011 and 2012 shirts.

No away shirt or GK shirts have been announced yet, so I am unsure as of yet if or when they will come. At the official presentation only the home shirt was announced, with images of the yellow (current) goalkeeper shirt.

The new Spain 2013 home shirt will be available in stores from next week, and since I am a fan I will be getting it, so keep an eye on the blog for it 😉

Afición, Historia, Emoción….Love, History and Emotion

Here is the official unveiling and presentation of the shirts which are, as usual, made by Adidas.

Read More

Monday, 16th July, 2012

Adidas Techfit And Powerweb For 2012


I bought some Adidas Techfit clothing a few years ago, and I do wear it a lot, and it has done me well. But since it is years old now it is a bit grubby and I really needed some new stuff, so I bought some 😀

Adidas were having a sale and since this stuff is not for fashion or anything it makes sense to buy it while you can. This is what I got:

Adidas Powerweb t-shirt – This is the same as the techfit/powerweb football shirts, but a more generic underclothing version. I do not usually go for powerweb and just get the standard techfit as these are £55, however it was 50% off so I got this for £27.50 🙂 It looks really good, I can’t wait to try it out while running and working out.

Black Techfit shorts, the standard version. These are updated for this year, my other ones do not look this good. I think these were around £15-20 I can’t remember 😛

Unfortunately the Adidas sale means that they have sold out of lots of things and a lot is not available; That is why I could only get these shorts and not the powerweb, as well as a long sleeve tee, I would have prefered a short sleeve but they had none in my size (just XS and XXL and things!?)…These two things were about the only thing I could get in my size.

Tuesday, 3rd April, 2012

Adidas Originals Spain Shirt From 1994


Adidas Originals have launched this re make of a classic shirt which I love, the Spain home shirt from 1994. This was worn in the 1994 World Cup in the USA. I really liked this shirt, I got one from Spain when I was 10, not “authentic” though 😉

What do you think? I think it looks really great 😀 The only thing I do not like is that is has “España” printed on the back where the name should be. I would have liked it more if this was plain, or a player from 1994 (I think no.5 was Abelardo?) .

The price is £45, but it is made by Adidas and is an “Adidas originals” shirt. I have had other so called “remakes” which have been not so good. It’s pretty good, 18 years old, maybe older than some of you readers! 😉 I am unsure of what it is made from, I hope it is polyester like a proper football shirt and the original, I do not like it when they make these “remakes” in pure cotton like a regular t-shirt.

This was worn by the Spain team, including one of my favourite players, Luis Enrique


Thursday, 11th November, 2010

Spain Shirt: World Cup 2010 Final Edition


I got some world cup 2010 patches for my shirts the other day which I blogged about. Well I finally put them on one of my shirts 😀 How good does this look? Amazing right? I think so!! 🙂

So happy with the way it turned out. I also custom made the exact writing which was under the Spain badge for the World Cup Final. This is the exact same font, which makes my shirt look completely authentic, from the final of the world cup.

I love the way it has come out, which makes it very rare, there will not be many of these kicking around 😉

11th July, what a great day it was :mrgreen: