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BOY London Overload?

Tuesday, 28th August, 2012

I remember watching Top Of The Pops in the very early 90s (in fact possibly late 80s) and I saw a popstar with a “BOY” hat on, and thought it looked cool. Since my age was not even in double figures back then, I thought pretty much nothing of it at the time, and had not again, until recently. BOY London the brand which was around in the late 70s has made a comeback, which you have probably already noticed if you make good use of your eyes.

Since I do read a number of fashion and lifestyle blogs and sites, I had noticed this brand and the rise of it’s popularity once again several months back; Then it was the fashionistas and people who wanted a slightly different style wearing the brand, and it became a cool and different brand once again. It did feel like the brand had got it’s identity, with the right people wearing the right brand, as is the way with fashion and the protectiveness of the brands.

However going out in town in Newcastle I started to see more and more people wearing BOY London, both men and women. Has this one-time cool brand now lost the mystique it had? I am not so sure yet. One of the great things about a boutique brand or smaller label is the exclusivity, this is what you buy into and what makes the brand more desirable. Now we have celebs in the mainstream land such as Rihanna (looking amazing above) and Jessie J who are wearing the infamous clothing, and such BOY London is becoming a household name. Available from ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Selfridges to name just a few, is this the right direction for such a brand? Their bank managers will say yes…

They are not the first and will not be the last brand to go from the cool world of small exclusive boutique mentality, to the high street, but does it affect your purchase making decisions?

I have to say it affects mine. Even when I wear my own clothes I try to not look like a billboard for one particular brand, and mix things up. I do not like walking down the street and look like I am in a cool school uniform, dressed the same as everyone else, I prefer to wear what others are not wearing. I am still uncertain whether to buy into the hype, I almost did buy a tee a few months back but then decided not to.

We will see what BOY London has to offer in the coming months in terms of new designs, twists and what is in store in the future.

pic credit: unknown/screengrab

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