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Boxing Day Sales 2012 / Men’s Fashion Sales

Friday, 28th December, 2012


I was planning on making a big post with all the best things from the sales which are going on right now. They are traditionally called the boxing day sales, because they have always started on a boxing day. However because of the Internet and the age we live in, many started online on Christmas day, so shoppers could grab a bargain while eating their turkey. Some even started a little earlier, I was on John Lewis on Christmas Eve and found a couple of things, but many were already marked “out of stock”.

I had a browse around on boxing day at my usual online stores and found a couple of things, nothing really exciting to write about, but still nice things. I did not buy anything at the time, and left it until yesterday…When I checked, there is more or less nothing worth having! 😛

I don’t know if it’s because my wardrobe is already full, or I’m just more picky, but there seemed to be very little “buy this now” kind of bargains out there.

Stores like Selfridges and Harrods had items up which were then “sold out” when you clicked them, and many stores had items but they were not in stock in my size.

The sales and discounts are not big enough!

Have you found the same? It seems that this year’s sales are not much of a bargain in comparison to last years. For example take Jaeger, they have their cashmere knits for £115 reduced from £150. It is not a bad deal, however the same cashmere knits were £99 last year in the sale, so you are £16 worse off!

I have found the same at the other online stores, with sale prices such as £89 reduced to £69 and things like that; They are not really a bargain buy.

I have also found that the stores may not have as much stock, with items selling out quicker, or they have only allocated a certain stock level for the sale.

Why is this happening? It is because people have not spent as much money on the run up to Christmas and stores are trying to cash in on their sales? It has been widely reported that a lot more people were waiting for the sales in store and shopping online at the sales, so perhaps the stores are now taking advantage of that.

I have had a good look around and could not find anything special for a great price, or anything I really, really wanted for a decent price. I did get myself a couple of shirts and a knit from John Lewis, nothing big.

The best place I have found online so far has been House Of Fraser. They seem to have a large number of fashion items in their sale which are in stock, it’s just a case of searching through all the products until you find something you want.

I have found some cool gadgets and men’s lifestyle products, which I will write about in another post 🙂


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