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Billionaire Boys Club – Vault – Back To The Premium?

Monday, 10th February, 2014


Are Billionaire Boys Club finally listening to their fans? The back story…

When BBC was launched several years ago the brand ethos was quite simple; Creating cool and desirable premium clothing, a higher end street style fashion label creating limited quantity pieces and selling in a limited number of places. This kind of branding is cool, and for the people who are willing to pay £70 – £90 for a t-shirt and £200+ for a pair of jeans it’s worth the price tag for that extra bit of exclusivity.

The branding in recent times has gone the other way, which is more profitable, however you lose all the exclusivity. Ice Cream tees can be bought for £35, and they’re sold in a huge number of places, including department stores and plenty online shops. The old ways were premium, with everything being made in Japan, a known place for premium, however this has been changed, and you’ll find “Made in Bangladesh” or similar tags in your £35 IC tee.

Billionaire Boys Club have now announced a new spin-off, premium line, called VAULT. These will be made in Japan, and they say they’re only available in Europe via their official online store, and flagship stores. However now they also do this alongside their less premium i.e. standard line, has the brand lost it’s once high appeal it had?

After buying a pair of jeans and a couple of tees in 2006/07 when all they did was premium I felt a little let down from the brand when I discovered they had changed from a premium brand to a more high street line. I saw more people in clubs and bars wearing them, and actually wondered why. I went into a department store in Newcastle and discovered they were selling them, which was the reason why I was seeing it so much in the past couple of years. I said then I did not want to buy into the brand anymore, because it lost it’s appeal. Will The Vault collection change the perception back?

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