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The Best Of The AW19 Mid Season Sales

Friday, 18th October, 2019

Best Of The Autumn/Winter 19 Mid Season Sale

So we’re well into the Autumn right now, and if you haven’t already got some Autumnal clothing, you’re in luck. The Autumn/Winter 2019 mid season sales have begun in a lot of shops, and there’s plenty of bargains to be had.

If you’re looking for the odd piece to create an outfit, something to wrap up warm, or are just looking to bolster your wardrobe, here’s seven of the best things I’ve found this week.

The best places for the sales I have found at the moment have been END. Mango and ARKET.

Edwin ED-55 Regular Tapered Jeans – £39

Edwin ED-55 Jeans AW19 Sale

Edwin are a proper denim brand who make proper jeans. By that, I mean that they’re not just a general fashion brand producing clothing, but have a lot of focus on denim. You can now join the club and grab a pair for under £40, which is a good deal.

As we know, the fit of denim is all important, and these are a regular tapered fit. They’d be most suited to those looking for a relaxed style, good for an average or bigger body type.

Get these here at END.

Norse Projects Long Sleeve White Tee – £29

Norse Projects Long Sleeve White T-Shirt AW19

A cool item which you can layer up, T-shirts are always a timeless edition. This one comes in a long sleeve form, and is from the Scandi brand Norse Projects. Now is the time to grab one of these, with them being a massive 50% off.

I’ve picked out the all white option, a classic. You can get it at END for £29 here.

ARKET Merino Wool Long Sleeve T-Shirt – £23

ARKET Long Sleeve Merino T Shirt AW19

Another long sleeve option, this one comes from ARKET. This however, it not your usual cotton T-shirt, and is made from Merino wool. this will make it very light weight, and easy to layer, keeping you warm when you need to be.

At £23, it’s a good buy, and you can get it in black here at ARKET.

ARKET Short Sleeve Merino T Shirt – £18

ARKET Merino T-Shirt in blue

If you prefer your layering with a short sleeve style, the ARKET short sleeve T-shirt in a merino fabric is something to think about. At under £20 it’s a real steal, and the natural wicking properties of wool will mean it can cope even if you get too hot with all your layers.

It comes in blue, costs £18 and you can get it here.

Adidas Trimm Trab In Red – £39

Adidas Trimm Trab Trainers In Red

Take a trip back to the 80’s with the Adidas Trimm Trab trainers in red. They were popular among terrace culture, and one of the more iconic trainers Adidas produced back in the day. You can get your hands on a pair for only £39 at END here.

Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie – £49

Champion Hoodie In Red

At almost half price, there’s never been a better time to get a Champion hoodie. A great piece for your Autumn wardrobe, if you love brands which are on trend right now, Champion is one of them. Big in the 80’s and big again right now, the red is a bold colour, with the branding large to the front.

Get the Champion hoodie from END here for £49.

MANGO MAN Linen Cotton Sweater – £17.99

MANGO MAN Sweater Linen Cotton

When I first saw this linen cotton sweater from MANGO MAN, it was the colour that got me. I thought it was a very icy green/blue colour, but according to the description, it’s grey. Whatever it is, I do like the colour.

It’s made from a linen cotton mix, coming from sustainable fibres and looking like a really nice fit. It’s something which will be able to be layered really easily, and will brighten up the usual darker tones of the season.

Get it at MANGO MAN for £17.99 here.


And there you have it, seven items which are perfect to buy if you’re looking for something new from the sales.

What do you think of these? Let me know what you think of these pieces, or if you’ve found some other menswear must haves in the mid season sale.

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