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Beoplay H6 From Bang & Olufsen – Most Stylish Headphones?

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Tuesday, 24th September, 2013


It’s time for a stylish gadget, but it’s not any ordinary fashionable hipster kind, that is true gadget porn. If you are in need of a good pair of headphones, want to look as stylish and distinguished as they come, and don’t want to follow the children who are buying Beats Audio then you’ll want to take a look at the Beoplay H6 from Bang And Olufsen.

Producers of amazing sound of premium quality, they are the choice for many who know the difference between amazing sound quality and something which sounds decent but costs a lot because of a trendy sticker. B&O have been in the audio game for a long time, making high end equipment for those with deep pockets.


The H6 fits into the B&O portfolio well. I have blogged about the portable Beolit 12 Bluetooth speaker, with great sound and an even better look. A pair of H6 headphones promises the best in sound quality, with the best midrange, bass and treble performance, and a 40mm custom designed driver.


Sharing music has been a hot topic for a long time. Usually when you hear it you think of downloading music, and the older generation reminisce in the days of Napster, but these take social sharing back to it’s roots. The headphone cable is detachable, which means you can plug it into the right or left side of the headphones, depending on your own preference. That’s for convenience, but it offers a sharing capability which means your friend or girlfriend can plug in and you can listen to your favourite music together.

The price for this luxury? You can pick up a pair from your local B&O store (or their site) for £329.


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