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Beat: TV Series On Amazon Prime Video – An Underrated German Crime Thriller

Sunday, 24th March, 2019

Beat - Amazon Prime Review of the German crime thriller

Hey guys!

So on the back of watching Four More Shots Please on Amazon, I needed something new to watch, and after browsing around I found this show called Beat.

I watched a preview and read the synopsis and it sounded like it could be good.

So far I’ve watched a few episodes and I’m enjoying it. (p.s I won’t post spoilers)

It’s kind of hard to describe the genre, it’s a crime drama thriller kind of show, which is German. It’s available in a subtitled version, and a dubbed version. I opted for the subtitled version, I hate it when things are dubbed.

It’s about a guy called Beat, who’s a club promoter in an underground Berlin techno club, and lives for the party scene. His friend owns the club, which is filled with sex and drugs, and everything you can think of when it comes to the club scene.

He is hired by the European Secret Service to get close to a guy who they suspect of being linked to organised crime. He’s resistant at first, but then agrees to what they propose after some dodgy things go down in the club.

The show goes from there, since it’s a thriller I won’t get into too much details about how the story unfolds.

I haven’t finished it yet but it’s really good. It’s very graphic and gruesome, especially the first few episodes, so if you don’t like that kind of thing, you may not like it.

However it is a good show, the plot is kind of hard to follow with lots of different stuff going on, but unfolds as the series goes on.

I’m almost finished it, and I can recommend watching it if you like a good crime drama thriller with the backdrop of the German techno scene.

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Beat only ran for 1 series, after it was confirmed that Beat would not return for series 2. It’s still worth watching, and the ending of the last episode really does tie everything together.

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