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Bassi – The First Movable Magnetic Shirt Button

Wednesday, 29th October, 2014


When I wear shirts there is one common problem I have quite a bit; The top button. Do I leave it open or do I button up? Different shirts have their collar buttons in slightly different places, and sometimes it can feel uncomfortable or wrong to button it up, but leaving it open is too exposed. There could be a solution to this problem.

Bassi could be the answer. Created by Daniel Froreich, it’s quite a simple idea to solving this little problem which can occur. Bassi is a two piece, magnetic button clip on attachment for your shirt. The clip on is small and discreet and contains a magnet, and there is the Bassi which also contains a magnet to ensure it grips firmly on the shirt without falling off. The button can be left exposed like a regular button on the outside of the shirt, or concealed away behind the shirt. To start with there will be two different designs of Bassi; The Born Bassi button which will be an urban style of design, with inspiration taken from the Born district Barcelona it features a skull or globe. The Style Bassi button is a more formal, classic button look, and will be available in a range of colours. They’re unisex too, so can be used on girls shirts as well as guys.

If this doesn’t explain things clearly, here’s a short video which shows the problem of shirt buttons, and what Bassi is, and does:

One of the great things about the Bassi is that it has been designed and will be produced in Barcelona. In the age where almost everything we own has a “Made In China” label on it, I really love that there are quality products being manufactured locally to the brand.

Bassi is a project currently on Indiegogo and has already secured almost €1000 of funding, almost 20%. You can back this project and get yourself a Bassi for only €16, or get yourself their 1st edition user pack for only €27 which includes 3 Bassi buttons.

For more information on Bassi, or to contribute and get yoruself one of the first Bassi buttons which gets produced, check them out here.

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