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Barcelona Holiday August 2013 – Outtakes

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Sunday, 8th September, 2013


I do miss Barcelona! Such an amazing city, I can’t believe I was there 2 weeks ago. Here are the outtakes from my time there, pictures which I did not include in my postings previously. You can read all my posts and see all my other photos on my Barcelona travel tips pages. A Gaudi building at night.


A Gaudi building at night.


A battle! It was one of those things from the film Role Models with Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott :mrgreen: Did not think these things actually happened in real life!


Marilyn Monroe?


I was taking a random street photo…I did not realise until I got home and checked my photos that I had taken a photo of a guy and girl kissing…They do say Barcelona is a romantic city 😉


Random street photo


The W hotel in Barcelona


History museum


Go car. They look pretty cool, you see a few around Barcelona


A bus crash! Yes the tourist sightseeing bus and a holiday coach crashed into each other!


My hydro bath…Pretty cool, I only used it the once.


The airport going home


My data usage. Thank god for GPS and data, I used so much data, mainly for looking at the map, not so much for where I was, but the direction I was going. Those streets are so long you don’t wanna walk in the wrong direction for too long! 😉

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