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ASOS Men’s Crop Top? No Thanks

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Thursday, 23rd August, 2018

ASOS Menswear selling a crop top

A Crop Top for men? no thanks ASOS!

Yesterday everyone was talking about one item of clothing from ASOS, it’s not fashion forward, it’s not progressive, it’s just silly. A crop top for men. If you don’t know what a crop top is, that’s probably a good thing, since this is a man blog about guy stuff, and a crop top is definitely not that.

There isn’t much more to say on the issue, other than I don’t know many guys who’ve thought, You know what I need, a top to show off everything below nipple level, including myself. It’s also kind of strange that this would be on the site now, right before Autumn begins, you’d imagine this would be a Summer thing, if at all.

If there’s one thing it has done is that it’s gave ASOS some publicity, and maybe that was the point. I can’t really imagine anyone who’d actually spend £10 on this, or even wear it, but with the Love Island generation, nothing would surprise me.

The page which the top is on seems to have been removed and is now showing as out of stock, so either a lot of people bought it, or it has been pulled from sale.

If you’re a guy would you buy and wear this crop top?

image via ASOS

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