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Apple Macbook Pro – No osX Lion For Me?

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Friday, 22nd July, 2011

If you are a geek or have a mac, you will probably know that the new operating system, Lion is now available. I got a Macbook pro in late 2008, it was the first Unibody aluminium design one and came with Leopard, and I like it. I decided not to upgrade to Snow Leopard, for no reason other than I thought I wouldn’t get any benefit, I didn’t really see the point.

Then I did…

Some time later I wanted to get Facetime for the Mac, but then found out it was Snow Leopard only. I also was gonna get iLife 11 but that too was Snow Leopard only. This was earlier this year, and I knew Lion was coming so like most people I thought “oh well I will just wait, no big deal” and oh how wrong I was…

Lion is only a download from the Mac Store (at the moment at least), and to have the Mac Store you need Snow Leopard. Basically it means anyone who hasn’t got Snow Leopard cant get Lion. The “solution” if you can call it that is to buy Snow Leopard, install it, then buy Lion via the download and install that.

It’s a disgrace really!

I know there are people who are going to say “it only costs blah blah blah”…Yeah, Lion is £20.99 I think Snow Leopard is £25.99; Not so bad, but when you have to buy both its almost £50; Which still isn’t bad. BUT I just resent paying for Snow Leopard knowing I am paying more or less for nothing. It wont do anything other than let me upgrade to Lion.

Apart from the money which isnt so bad, its the pain and time it takes. I will have to install one then the other, instead of just 1. What happens when Lion breaks, does it mean we will all need to install SL again and then Lion? Or Leopard, then SL THEN Lion? We will all have to make our own bootable DVDs/Flash drives?

Its such a bad move. Anyone who still thinks “optical media is dead” is silly. The downloads for Lion were painfully slow and it was only <4GB; What will it be like for a 1080p HD film? I like legal downloads, they are good for certain things; For a critical app or a critical piece of software i.e. an OS, it’s not the way.

And please dont come and talk about Windows and Microsoft…As far as I know I can upgrade an XP machine to Win 7, no need for Vista 😉

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