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Apple iPad announced!

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Wednesday, 27th January, 2010

Earlier today Apple announced their tablet, which is officially called the iPad, and has already got an adopted name by some people of the iTampon 😀

So what is it? Well its a 9.7″ screen which you can read ebooks, check emails, listen to music, watch video, play games, use applications…It is basically an iPhone/Touch, which has left people very disappointed.

Spec and price

There will be  WIFI only and a 3g+WIFI models available, which come with an Apple 1GHZ cpu, 16, 32 and 64GB Flash storage drives and Bluetooth. It comes in at only 1.5lbs in weight and is 0.5 inches thick. The battery seems impressive, which boasts 10 hours of usage, and claimed to have a month of standby juice. The price is the major stumbling block…

Announced prices for the U.S. market are split into 2, for the WIFI only and WIFI+3g models.

WIFI only – $499, $599, $699 For 16, 32, 64 GB Respectively
WIFI+3g – $629, $729, $829 For 16, 32, 64GB Respectively

Remember, if you go with a 3g model, you will not only have to pay this down for the device, you will also need a monthly subscription to 3G from a carrier.

For me, this is a big MISS

I will doubt very very much i will get 1 of these at those prices. Why? 2 massive reasons, the price, and i have this device already, its called an iPhone. This just looks like a really big iphone to me, and to alot of people. The buzz from everyone on twitter is the same, that this is, a larger iphone. So if you have an iphone, what does this bring to you? Apple, you need to give us a reason to buy your new toy, and i cant find one. The majority of Apple products have been a huge success in recent times, i really think this will be the first to fail, well i suppose that Macbook Air was a bit of a flop aswell :mrgreen: It actually looks a little more square than i thought it would, it looks a bit “wrong” in MR Jobs’ hands.

Availability: It will be available in 60 days for the WIFI Only, and 90 days for the WIFI+3g (April/May)

UK Prices

These are yet to be announced, but i am going to go and guess these, see if i am right….

WIFI ONLY – £349-399, £449-499, £549-599 For 16, 32, 64GB Respectively
WIFI + 3g – £449-499, £549-599, £649-699 For 16, 32, 64GB Respectively

I put the lower “x49” numbers in as they may feel a bit generous, but i doubt it :mrgreen: So a mid range with 3g could cost almost £600! 😮 btw you cant just convert the dollars to pounds and assume that is the price, thats not how it works!

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