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A Few Things From H&M Newcastle

Thursday, 13th December, 2012

Today I went to H&M, not online, the actual store! 😀 I do like H&M online, but I was out in Newcastle and the online store usually takes a week to deliver. Here is what I picked up:

I saw this shirt a few weeks ago, and liked the look of it. They do the same shirt in a few colours, and it was cheap, only £14.99. I’ll wear it for day to day things, work etc. They do them in a few colours, red, and a yellow type of blend.

A pair of Beckham bodywear boxer shorts. I already have a couple of pair from the old collection, it seems that these are exactly the same as those.

H&M Newcastle store layout is terrible!

I went to the actual store in Northumberland Street rather than online since I was in Newcastle and I think they layout was terrible! It took ages to find the boxers, which I thought would have been pride of place at the front with all of the Beckham Bodywear collection; Instead there was a little display of boxes next to the till; So I did not even see them until I was leaving!

At first I thought they had none, but then as I was going to go with just the shirt I noticed they had the boxers. They were advertised as a 3 pack for £19.99 and I assumed they’d be in 1 box, no! You have to actually pick up 3 boxes, otherwise they are £9.99 per pair.

It seems that they only had the boxers from the entire collection, I could not really find anything else. I was thinking that they would have had a large display of everything together, but they did not.

In general things are hard to find, they seem to have scattered things everywhere, t-shirts in various places, jumpers all over the place, it’s really hard to shop! 😀 I can’t speak for their other stores, but that one is not very shopping friendly.

I think i’ll stick to the website from now on 😉


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