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A Few Film Reviews – March 2012

Wednesday, 14th March, 2012

I have bought and watched a few new (and some old) blu rays over the past few weeks and months, and have never really reviewed them. Now I will tell you what I think of each one. None of these are bad films, but some are maybe not as good as I was hoping for.


Boogie Nights – A film from the 90s set in the 70s thru to the 80s focusing on porn of that era. It is a good story and good film, but about 2/3 of the way into it I was wondering how is this film still on, it’s so long!! 155 minutes to be exact, and you do feel it. It starts good but sort of dies a slow death, a good watch, but make sure you have all the time in the world for it!

In Tine – I like the idea of this film, and it is a good story line. But when I watched it I started to realise I was watching a film about death, not exactly the most uplifting movie ever. It isn’t very edgy or gritty, but is still a good film.

Animal House – I have changed my opinion on watching this for the 2nd time. Why? Because the first time I watched it all I heard was that it’s “better than American Pie” and it forever set the standard for that genre. Well it doesn’t, and not a wonder since it is older than I am. If you watch the film for entertainment and don’t have any pre judgements about it then it is a good watch, a film you can watch time and again. Some scenes are quite long and don’t seem to go anywhere, but all in all a good old school retro film with a good soundtrack too.

Friends With Benefits – Love this! Really cool film, good story, funny, it lived up to expectations. Set in New York too which looks amazing, Mila Kunis is great in it, Justin Timberlake is funny, not much more to say on that.

Bridesmaids – Suffers from the same problem as Animal House; It’s billed as “The Hangover for girls” and “funnier than The Hangover”. I think it’s alright, but not that funny. There are some really hilarious moments, and others which are not so funny.

Horrible Bosses – The idea of the film is good, and it’s packed with stars, but I just didn’t find it too entertaining. Film is pretty easy to understand; A few guys have horrible bosses and try to kill them, with funny results in between. Again it has it’s moments but not many of them.

Just Go With It – I actually really liked this film! It is a surprise because it’s an Adam Sandler film, which are usually funny, but “If you have seen one, you have seen them all” however that isn’t the case with this. The other cast members are really funny, and I have to say I was killing myself laughing at some parts.

What’s Your Number – Another great film that I could watch time and time again. It is funny and has originality, Anna Faris is great in it, I really like this film!

So in short the best films out of these 8 for me are What’s Your Number, Friends With Benefits and Animal House. I suppose it can depend on my mood and what I am into at the time, but I could probably sit down watch those three at any time and still enjoy them.

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