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20th October 2011 – Get Your Geek On!

Thursday, 20th October, 2011

Hello blog πŸ™‚

So today I went for a run, even though its freezing and I decided that I wouldn’t run any more this year. But it was only a small run, since I had to go and pay a huge credit card bill I thought I would run haha :mrgreen:


Today is geek day, so I wore my Mario T Shirt πŸ˜› Why is it geek day? Well, Football Manager 2012 is out tonight at midnight! So I think I will go out and buy it at midnight, like I did last year. I haven’t done that for any game this year, last year I did it with a few, including FIFA 11 where I had to queue for an hour! πŸ™ I only do it because I do not trust ordering online, I have done it before only to be told they have “no stock”; Also don’t wanna go into town to get it because they will probably charge more and I have to go out of my way to get in; I never drive in the town so have to get the bus.

Yesterday my promotion stickers came! They are the familiar design, “Hello My Name Is…” and you can write whatever you like πŸ˜› So I have done a few for a laugh….


I have got them for work for promotion, I will give them away to my customers so they can have fun πŸ˜›


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