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2011 – Yearly Blog Review

Sunday, 1st January, 2012

So I have decided to go through my blog and life in general and pick some highlights of the past year.

Best Song

Well I have already chosen that in my best of 2011 music chart, but in case you missed it my song of the year was Danza Kuduro by Lucenzo featuring Don Omar. I first heard it in the spring and thought it was OK but did not really like it. After a few listens I was in love with it and played it for months! I think I will listen to it for years to come 😀 2011 was an amazing year for music, another year yet again with some really good songs from loads of different artists.

Best Film/blu ray

Well the most watched must be The Social Network. I really love that film, I even went to HMV to buy it on the release day which is strange for me since I buy most things (especially entertainment type) online. It is such a good film, I can watch it over and over and not get bored (and I did!)

Best Game

The best game I have to say must be Football Manager 2011 Handheld. I got so much enjoyment out of it, it only cost £6.99 for my iPad and it is a game you can play and get into if you have a spare 30 minutes, which is the games I tend to play these days. I also love FM 2012 the full PC game, but it is quite time consuming and that is something I don’t have enough of these days. FIFA 12 is also a game I enjoy.

Best Pieces Of Fashion Bought

A really tough thing to decide. Considering this is a fashion related blog I should choose something, but I cannot. The most memorable fashion moment was the Versace for H&M collaboration. I got really caught up in it, and went online at 9AM and tried to get the things I wanted, could not get them all, and really got caught up in it. I ended up ordering a few t-shirts which I did not really want 😛

It was also my year for Converse. I think I bought 4 pair in the year, and in 2012 I plan on buying some more 😛

Best Gadget

Well I think that the best gadget there was in 2011 was one which I bought, the iPad 2. I really love mine, it is so good. I don’t use it as much as I imagined, and I should use it more, but even so it is a brilliant gadget and I can pick it up and have a browse around the Internet or blogs, exactly what I bought it for 😉 The added bonus of being able to get loads of cool apps and games is a major plus point over other tablets which are not iOS (Apple). The other gadget I got was a Nintendo 3DS which is cool, but probably not as amazing as it first seemed.

Favourite Aftershave

It is known I love my EDT’s and aftershaves, and have over 50 or something like that, but what was my favourite of 2011? Another tough call, but I think it would be my Bvlgari MAN. I just LOVE it! It is the best of the year, but the best which I own is a far, far bigger debate, I actually couldn’t choose, it is hard enough to decide what to wear on a night out 😉

2011 – Review Of The Blog

So, how has the blog gone in 2011? Another year older, and what has changed? Well the visitor numbers has stayed around the same, but I am getting more and more regular/repeat visitors which is good. More visitors are coming to read about fashion and other related things too, which is a great plus. In 2010 I was writing lots about TV and current events which drew people in, TV Shows like Take Me Out Series 2 would bring me huge numbers of visitors, even cast members of the show which was really cool!! 😀

Last year, 2011 saw lots of my visitors come about the fashion, style and my lifestyle in Newcastle. I collaborated with lots of brands and companies, wrote about lots of products and talked to lots of people about big things in 2011 such as MTV’s Geordie Shore, Newcastle Fashion Week, a few magazines and more 🙂 My Twitter and Facebook have also grown a bit, and have some amazing followers who I love :heart:

My New Years Resolutions from last year were to: work harder, get 3,000 visitors/day on my blog and tone my body more. Well I can say that none of that happened! 😀

2011 – Life

Well I have to say that 2011 was a pretty boring year for myself. Nothing amazing happened. There was no football on in the Summer, I did nothing for the Summer, I did not go abroad, work was standard, and I have no great stories to tell. It was not a terrible year, I had some really good nights out in Newcastle and London, there were some good times, some good moments, really good people, but nothing which sticks out as “a special moment”.

This is not unusual, it was an “odd” year, 2011 the number. I have a theory that (for me) all the odd years are boring, and the even are amazing. 2010, 2008, 2006, 2004, 2002, 2000 were all even years, and something significant happened in each year. The odd years in between, there was nothing major. This definitely has something to do with there being football on in the even years, but it is not the only thing :mrgreen:

2012 – What Is To Come?

Good things are to come! 😀 First off, it is a new year, so anything could happen, there are so many things I could do, so many options, so many changes I could make but will i? Maybe not but, maybe!. I am completely optimistic about the year ahead, it is 2012 and I believe it will be a good one! 😀 Football is back in the summer, and I cannot wait for it! I may go to Poland/Ukraine to watch it, I probably will not, it would take a lot of organisation, but I would not rule it out. There is also the option of going to Madrid to watch it, something I almost did in 2010 but changed my mind. Going to Poland would be a crazy thing to do actually, which is something I need to do, to escape the boredom, Spain play in Gdansk which is not the easiest place to get to.

Another thing which is happening is the London Olympics. There is some of the football matches which are being played at St. James’ Park, so I might go and watch depending on who is playing and if I can get tickets. It would be a cool thing to watch an Olympic event 😉

How was your 2011, and what are you looking forward to in 2012?


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